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Where did you go after your talk with Mechael?


"I said no kissing!" "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

Would you like for me to do that for you?

Jenine is from Boston.

Eddie is very adventurous.

That could be dangerous.

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Have you been out at all?


They eat a lot of rice.

You knew him better than I did.

Perhaps we should do something about it.

I want to dance and party tonight.

Everyone sympathized with the parents about their son's death.

You'll never believe what I found.

His birthday falls on Sunday.


How tall this tree is!

Frederick decided that he shouldn't stay any longer.

They all just looked at her.


I was aching to tell her the secret.

Jackson seemed to get better.

How do I get to a restaurant?

The sicker of the two is not the one he thinks.

I have to go there.

I have exhausted my energy.

My wife is Polish.

He didn't say a single word.

He poured himself a tall glass of milk.


You're great.

Say, he is no more than a kid.

Gigantic space stations were soon constructed with parkland inside the shell structure.

It's worth talking about.

Get fuller, sexier, more malignant lips today!


I disguised myself as a policeman.

Raul started walking down the hall.

I want to see her very much.

A healthy curiosity is truly a fine thing.

What do you have under the shirt?

My profession is my passion.

Liza already knew what was wrong.


It's not my opinion, but just my translation.

Don't be afraid of public speaking.

Could you fill it up and take a look at the oil, too?

Silk is very precious.

We're both named Frederick.

God is good.

We're never going to find him.

Jose was amused by the joke.

I'm related to him.

Merat looks a little miserable.

We're sleepy.


We have to cancel our trip to Japan.


I struck the wall with my fist.

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I know you'll enjoy the food at Chuck's Diner.

See you in thirty minutes.

How do we reason with her?

I can't go to the prom without a date.

This is what'll happen.

This is where it all happens.

Eliot probably went out for some air.


At least it wasn't boring.

Isaac just laughed.

I'm not sitting here.

I don't care about the money.

Makemake was first discovered in 2005. It was formally recognized as a dwarf planet in 2008 by the International Astronomical Union.

Did you invite her to dinner?

This is only a horse.

The Egyptians built this temple to honour the Pharaoh Ramses II.

Truth is usually expressed in the present tense.


I have a lot of household chores today.

Her body was never found.

Her family had a history of genetic diseases that dated back several centuries.

The king has reigned over the country for many years.

He speaks five languages.


The gang established their base at an abandoned building.

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The criminal is nervous.

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Fritz clicked a button on his remote, but nothing happened.

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The police officers have stopped me many times.

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I love roller skating.

I heartily wish that in my youth I had someone.

I think I was about thirteen when I first met Terrance.


A mother's love is unconditional.


Where were you when the explosion occurred?

When was the last time you slaughtered a sheep?

Sports activities require a slender figure.

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Do you have bread for lunch?

I met him at the coffee shop.

I'd rather stay.

The accident deprived him of his sight.

I'll be ready when you need me.

I simply don't want to be married to a drunk.

She hated her husband.

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Can you make that happen?

Mahmoud has a perfect alibi.

Swimming is not allowed in this river.

Peter remarked that the pudding was too sweet.

He did it for himself, not for me.


He could not attend the party because of illness.


The weak beats of my heart can only go so far.

Are they real or fake?

You're all set?

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I don't think we should talk about that now.

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I think this belongs to you.

Old as he is, he is very healthy and active.

I'm for it.


Our teacher doesn't just speak English, but French too.

She complained continually that there was no money left.

Swamy and Lievaart are no longer friends.

I want five meatballs.

I'd like to get part-time work in the cafeteria.

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She was caught red-handed trying to steal a necklace.

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The dog jumped over the fence into the garden.

Jane is a very beautiful girl.

Dan has a lengthy criminal background.


She can ask and answer questions.


John grieves.


I have to cook the vegetables.

Will you hand the papers around?

I was looking for her.


Angus is in town.

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I can do both.

The fine shall be paid in cash.

She likes dancing in a disco better than skiing.


Lila was here a few weeks back.


She baked me a cake.


How much longer is it going to take?


I'm not even going to let Penny see it.

He made reference to the previous director.

This is the first time I've ever talked to Marika in Finnish.

We need a little more time.

I left at once, otherwise I would have missed the parade.


The Pacific Ocean alone covers an area larger than that of all continents put together.

I'm here looking for her.

My jaw is sore.

Kerri is always grumpy in the morning.

I had a hard time finding his house.

Noam, please hug me.

I'll let everybody know.

He rarely goes to the movies.

You'll stay with me.

This machine is broken.

Not far from the house was a military hospital.

You don't deserve to be spoken to.

I thank you for your gift.

You don't have to write out a clean copy of your composition.

How do you usually do this?

Call your people off.

That's not entirely Bobbie's fault.

It was really bad.

Young people don't know what old age is, and old people forget what youth was.

It is advisable to go by train.

I work as a flight attendant in an Airline Company.

He is an ambassador at the American embassy.

Somehow you don't sound too good today. Is anything the matter?


He's rich, but he's not happy.

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I have just half an hour to have lunch, take a dump and rest before I go back to work.

Is this typewriter available?

We must apply corrective measures.

I neither walk nor run.

There's nowhere left to sit.